About Us

    Armaghan Salamt Kish Co., a biomedical engineering company, was founded in 2005 benefiting from highly skilled and experienced engineers and experts and initiated its activities upon the registration of its trademark "Arsak" focusing on systematic and objective import of medical devices in the areas of Anesthesia devices, ENT, Cardiac surgery, Ophthalmology, Intensive Care and Regenerative medicine. Having developed professional relations with important clinical centers throughout the country as well as scientific and technical interactions with remarkable doctors and specialists, Armaghan Salamat Kish Co. has maintained a considerable collaboration with leading European and American companies in the field of medical devices which has led to business partnership with some of the above mentioned companies.

    At the moment, Armaghan Salamat Kish Co. is executing its on-going progress under medium-term and long-term development plan. Relying on the wealth of experience and expertise, its forward-looking commitments are to deliver and equip clinical centers with innovative high-tech solutions throughout the country and to yield greater value in healthcare products to both the doctors and patients.

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