In 2004 CardiaMed was started as the result of a joint-venture between MedEng and M.R. Medical. The headquarters of CardiaMed is based in the Netherlands.


    Both companies have many years of experience in producing and selling Innovative medical devices.

    Therefore our Mission is: Make the best in class innovative products to improve our clients life.

    The patented CardiaMed valve is the next step in the evolution of heart valve replacements. It builds on the advantages of previous designs whilst avoiding their disadvantages.


    New patented idea, that is, a free floatation of valve leaflets in the blood flow, is realized in the CardiaMed valve. Due to the concentric projection located on the inner surface of the valve housing with freely movable leaflets attached to it, it was possible to achieve not only a free pivoting of the leaflets from their closed position into their open position but also their rotation around the central axis of the valve housing.


    The problem of leaflet orientation during valve implantation became a thing of the past. Now after suturing the valve into tissue annulus there is no need to rotate the valve within its sewing cuff, thus avoiding the risk of breaking the implanted prosthesis. The leaflets of the CardiaMed valve float freely in the blood flow and can change their orientation in accordance with the changing blood flow structure.

    More than 70,000 implants made within 10 years have revealed no negative conse-quences related to this idea.


    The high housing of the CardiaMed valve effectively protects its leaflets from surrounding structures as well as from pannus ingrowth into the valve orifice. Such valve design allows to use it successfully for operations with preservation of leaflets of the diseased valve or when placing artificial chordae.

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