HeRO Symphony



    HeRO Symphony: Our premium product built for modern NICUs.

    Now called HeRO Symphony, MPSC continues to improve upon the capabilities of our foremost HeRO System with new advancements and capabilities. Supporting HL7 data export for sending HeRO Scores directly to your electronic medical record, new data acquisition methods for easier setup, and improved monitor connection cables, HeRO Symphony represents the highest level of capability that HeRO offers.

    HeRO has been proven to reduce infant mortality in the largest neonatal medical device clinical trial completed to date!

    HeRO Symphony feature summary:


    • Supports patient transfer with data continuity.
    • Provides HeRO surveillance for all the beds in your NICU
    • Supports HeRO central viewing stations to view HeRO data
    • User access through a browser based client, works with tablets.
    • Provides an HL7 data stream to export to your electronic medical records
    • Archives HeRO Scores for up to one year.
    • Validated up to 256 bed NICU with 1 HeRO Server
    • HeRO Symphony can seamlessly integrate with HeRO ES to gain the advantages of a bedside view of HeRO plus all of the central monitoring functionality.
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