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    The Clarus Video System

     The Clarus Video System puts a highdefinition camera at the end of the ET tube,moving you closer to the gold standard andgiving you superior vision for a conclusiveintubation.

    • Innovative digital stylet gives visualconfirmation of ET tube placement, taking youall the way into the trachea

    • 4-inch LCD screen and video-out capabilityallow for proficient training in the academicsetting

    • Atraumatic tip and wide-angle view arebeneficial for patient safety

    • Modular design allowing accessories to beattached

    The Clarus Shikani - Adult

    From a 5.5 ET tube, all the way up to a 9.0, the Clarus Shikani can accommodate them all.Tested and proven over a decade of success, the Shikani is an essential component to any difficultairway cart.

    • Works with many LMA’s, and works in placeof blind stylets in video laryngoscopy

    • Navigate the ET tube into the trachea withfiberoptic visualization

    • Adjustable tube stop adjusts toaccommodate double lumen tubes

    • Robustly designed for superior durability

    • Portable and reusable device that won’tstrain your budget 

     pocket scope shikani pediatric 

    The Clarus Pocket Scope

    Instead of calling for the fiberopticbrochoscope, use the Clarus Pocket Scopeto confirm placement or patency of your ETor tracheostomy tube in the OR, ER or ICU.

    • Fiberoptic technology provides superiorvision when confirming tube placement

    • Convenient pocket-sized design saves timein critical situations

    • Avoid expensive repair and cleaning costsassociated with FOB use

    • Useful when checking for mucus plugs

    • Reusable, efficient and practical

    The Clarus Shikani - Pediatric

    When time and safety are critical, theClarus Pediatric stylet is a portable anddurable tool for a swift and conclusiveintubation.

    • Sized specifically for delicate pediatricairways

    • Fiberoptic technology provides superiorvision for a gentle intubation

    • Reusable and versatile, giving youincomparable value

    • Works in conjunction with many LMA's

    • Portable and reusable stylet that shapes tofit your patient's difficult airway

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