What Is ARSAK ?

    Arsak or Arshak is a name consisting of [ars , hars or harsh +ak ,which is a suffix].Harsh(Hars) means bear in Urami Kurdi.Hars also means ashk(tear in English).

    Many researchers believe that Parts were originally Aras people who are called “ Ansi” in Chinese sources . Tochar which is a Turkish word which consists of two parts ( Toch:War + Ar : Man) and means warrior .”Althaym” is a name which is given to Arsis (Arsaks and Arshaks) by Turks,Uyghurs and Latins and the people were known as (Arsi).  Appellation which is registered by Justen means “moved” and except in Turkish which comes from Barmagh: to go, to move, is not recognized in any other eastern languages and it can be because of Turkish origin of Arashks(Parts) . Some Part kings were named Balash which is a Turkish name. Parts are known as Turanis and Turks in the book of ” The Pearl of Tijan in Ashkanian Era” by an Iranian researcher ,Etemadol Saltane.

    Moreover, Arsak is a former old name for the city of Ray.

    Arsak in English means :

    rootage,root,origin,beginning,purpose,gorund,reason,casual agency,casual agent,cause,spring,source

     Dehkhoda Encyclopedia

     Arshak (with a Persian pronunciation of  / æ r tʃ æ k/ ),Ashk : /æ tʃ k/.

    Ashk is the name of the founder of  Ashkanian Dynasty known as  Ashk I (Ashke Avval) . He was one of the great figures of Part. Having rebelled against Antichus II/III , the king of Solouki,and freed the city.Other Ashkani kings were named after him as Ashk.

    Arshak I

     Ashk I is the name of the founder of Ashkanian ‘s Iranian Shahanshahi.Arian,  the historian with Greek origin , has stated that  Ashk I  and his brother Tirdad I are both of Achaemenid ancestry going back to Ardeshir II, the Shah of Iran.

     As Arshak was the founder of Ashkanian Dynasty, other Ashkani kings sanctified him and named him as “ Epi Fans ” which means well known  and honored in Greek and in memory of him as the first king of Ashkanian Dynasty, they added his name ,Arshak, (Ashk was written as Arzax in Greek which is Arashk in Greek) to their own names which was converted to Ashk later on. Historians have also taken this into account.

    APΣAK (Arsak  / æ r tʃ æ k/) is carved on the coin along with something in Urami on its right side.

    Figure  of Arshak I : 


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